I joined Crossroads Music School after speaking with some friends who were involved, and attending a couple of their shows. My expectations going in were that it would be fun, improve my playing ability, and allow me to meet other musicians. After two great years and counting in a Crossroads band, all of my expectations have been met and exceeded. I can’t say enough about the instruction, the supportive community, the people I have met, and the venues where we do our performances. All are fantastic and the source of enjoyment now and life-long memories. When our band rehearses and we talk about our goals, two always rise to the top; having fun and sounding good. I would encourage anyone who shares those goals and dreams of playing in a band to check out Crossroads. You won’t be disappointed!
— Drew Pratt 3/2016
I heard a Crozzroadz vocalist concert in a bar and decided to join the next Vocals workshop. Not only did April have me singing notes I didn’t think I had in me, but Michael’s virtuosity in transforming a known song into something just for my voice was so uplifting that I decided to try songwriting. I havnt looked back! Something about the open, encouraging community of Crozzroads, and the ability of Michael to embrace everybody who ever dreamt of making music, makes the experience addictive. Anything is possible! I can’t recommend this program highly enough - both Band and Vocal workshops are brilliant.
— Sally Dominguez, March 2014
Crossroads is so much more than a place to learn music. Yes it has transformed me from a dad who could barely play a few camp fire cords, to a musician with enough confidence to play live all over Marin. But more importantly it has given me friends and inspiration to get me through some of the toughest times of my life. Michael and guys I have been playing with have become as important to me as my family. The nights we rehearse are my favorite nights of the week. Music is such a departure from my “normal” job, and my nights with Crossroads are an oasis where all life problems go away and you just have fun and enjoy playing the music. If you are thinking about joining the family, stop thinking and just do it!
— Eric Moayedi, 2013
Crossroads allowed me to rediscover drums after I hadn’t played n 20 years. Getting back in the swing wasn’t easy but the Mentors at Crossoroads were a huge help in me finding my way again. Whenever I needed guidance or I just couldn’t get a drum part, they were there with perfect advice. I wouldn’t playing drums again without Crossroads.
— Jan Bass, March 2014

As the saying goes, “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” So in my mind then, a song must be worth a thousand pictures... And the ability to play or sing a song that means something to you might be worth ten thousand.

Although I loved listening to music from a very early age, I didn’t realize for decades that something was missing: expressing music in my own way with my guitar and voice. When I decided to participate in Crossroads band workshops a number of years ago, I had no idea just how important this expression would become in my life and how music - something I already cherished greatly - could become even more significant.

Thanks to Michael LaMacchia and his talented and enthusiastic team of band workshop coaches (including Rob Fordyce and Jason Carr, who both helped me a great deal), anybody - whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced player - can confidently embark on this important transition of moving from simply loving music to expressing it, and experience enjoying it all the more by being part of a band.

Which leads me to the topic of community. Crossroads does the hard work of finding and matching up bandmates with a “player coach”, providing the song charts and setting up the practice and performance venues, and that is extremely valuable. But even more valuable is the fact that many of the people who participate in band workshops (or other Crossroads programs) become really great friends. The friendships I’ve developed with Crossroads alums, participants and coaches truly mean a great deal to me.

In my unfolding journey in music as a singer-songwriter, I have continued to seek advice and help from Michael and Rob, and it has also been very helpful and enjoyable receiving vocal coaching from the ever-supportive and energetic April Grisman.

Thanks to the Crossroads team for all you do. I benefitted greatly from your coaching and really appreciate your continued support, and it is great knowing that you’re there to help others find out just how important musical expression & friendship can be in their lives. Sincerely
— Clement Thomas Grey March 2016
As a beginning vocalist and first time student in the Crossroads vocal workshop, I also decided to sign up for Michael’s “Tune up and Record” program. These one-on-one sessions turned out to be an excellent way to enhance my vocal skills. Michael worked with me on the song selections I chose for the vocal class, and through working with him at his studio, he was able to record my songs with and without my vocals. The recording of my songs without vocals was a tremendous tool for me to put in much needed practice time to be able to sing along with the CD on my own time. Having these CDs for practice was an invaluable part of getting me to a point where I was able to build up the confidence and skills required to sing, and ultimately perform at a comfortable level. The CDs with my vocals were also a great source of reference to see where vocal improvement needed to be made. Not only is Michael a true pro and very talented musician, he is extremely dedicated to seeing each of his students reach their full potential. He does so in a way that makes you feel at ease no matter what skill level you start with. Working with Michael and becoming part of his Crossroads program has surpassed my expectations on many levels. What started out as a personal experiment has now turned into a life changing passion!
— Tea Chaffee

"Crossroads gave me, as a vocalist, the experience of what it was like to be in a band, to hear myself sing with multiple musicians, rehearse and then perform in a loving and non-judgemental community of other performers without having to do any of the legwork that is required in making these things happen. Within the luxury of this framework I was able to understand better where I was as a singer and to grow. For me the experience was invaluable as it introduced me to many new musicians and friends which in turn created more music opportunities. Thank you Michael LaMacchia and the Crossroads Music School."   - Rose Chapman



Crossroads is like the ultimate fantasy band camp — a way to turn rock & roll daydreams into reality. Michael and his colleagues have created a warm, supportive community that lets you work on your music with like-minded musicians and take it all the way to some of the best stages in Marin. So much fun — so rewarding — so satisfying. Thanks Michael!
— Kirk Citron, April 2014
I’m not even lying the tiniest bit when I say that Michael LaMacchia and Crossroads changed my life.
See, I always sang- in middle school chorus, in high school vocal ensemble, in a few early classical vocal lessons, in college dorms rooms, in the occasional coffee shop as background for other friends, in the shower, in my house, and in the car- ALWAYS in the car, with the stereo cranked up loud enough to rattle the windows. Sometimes people told me I was pretty good, but I didn’t believe them. I spent most of my energy around continue reading
— Haley Mears, April 2014
My wife took me on a date to the Red Devil Lounge for a silent auction that Michael LaMacchia sponsored a block of guitar lessons. From there, he told me about the band work shops so I bought a $100 electric guitar to have some fun. That was in 2009 and I have been playing with my buddy Eric for 4 years and my other core brothers for 3. As somebody who played team sports, I love the teamwork and camaraderie of being a part of a unit. Tuesday nights are the best part of the week not only because I get to learn how to play and sing kick ass rock and roll songs with my close friends, but because I get to do something creative, fulfilling, and more fun than one can imagine. And my wife digs it. My kid digs it. It’s the greatest hobby ever. If you want to play music and are trying to make excuses as to why you’re not is a waste of time. It’s the exact opposite of a waste of time. It’s the raddest thing you can do if you want to rock like Uncle Daddy!
— Saaid Moezzi
Crossroads music has been one of the most positive things to happen in my life. I feel blessed to have a new family of friends and musicians. When you try Crossroads you will be amazed at how warm and supportive both the teachers and students are in your endeavors. Having done both the band workshop with teachers Rob Fordice and Jason Carr and the vocalist workshop with vocalist April Grisman and school found Michael LaMacchia, I can honestly say that everyone involved is fantastic at finding the inner musician. If you’ve ever wanted to spread your musical wings, Crossroads Music will help you fly.
— Chris Parry
I began doing Crossroads 5 years ago because, among other things I really wanted to sing like the stars! Adele, Stevie Nicks, Suzanne Vega, Ella Fitzerald... Etc. etc.
What happened instead was that I actually found my own voice.
Crossroads has been an incredibly supportive creative environment in this regard. April, Michael, Jason and Rob are so generous in their instruction and encouraging in sharing their superb talent that it truly has given me the confidence to stand on a stage and express what I need to through music.
— Katheryn Holt

"If singing brings you any kind of joy, email Michael right now!   If you used to perform but it then seemed like life got in the way, or you always wanted to but never made the time or the guts Crozzroadz has you all over it!  I can’t imagine anyone doing this and not having one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives!  Michael and vocal coach April Grisman are incredibly talented musicians and coaches who will not only nurture your talent but your whole being.  When I told my family I was going to give this a try, they weren’t so crazy about me taking a bit of my focus off them for a moment to try this out, but after seeing me on stage and how its uplifted me in so many ways, they never want me to stop.  My husband has become a relentless promoter urging everyone and he comes across to come see my shows!"  - Tanya Taskila

I had never touched the guitar until about 3 years ago... now, after two years with Michael and the Crossroads community, I’ve played the Sweetwater twelve times with over 30 different musicians. The workshops are the absolute best place to hone your skills and make a lot of good friends while you¹re doing it. If you do it once, plan on doing it many, many more times... you’ll be hooked.
— Jim Foley
Michael can bring out what you didn’t think that you had in you. He encourages you to try new directions—often poles apart from your previous thinking. My time with him in the workshop helped jump start my return to jazz.
— Jim Whiteside, gigging jazz musician
The music workshops have awoken the creative side of me that I had put on the shelf for years. It has been a blast meeting all these people with similar interests. I am actually playing and performing good music!
— Dan Brown
I started with Crossroads Music in October 2014 and have done 5 Vocal workshops and 2 Band Workshops since then. It is a safe and fun way to spread your creative wings, making friends along the way. I am so happy to have found Crossroads Music and love that they support and enrich local talent.
— Stacie Strassberg
I never imagined I would ever get up on stage and perform in a rock band before I met Michael. With his knowledge, support and encouragement I now perform on a regular basis and it’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Though I think I’ll keep my day job!
— Stephen Klein
Michael’s work is life-changing. His humble personality belies his superior instrumental virtuosity - that alone makes for an inspiring individual. But Michael’s real gift is his understanding of the transformational potential of generosity and community building. His Crossroads/CMW workshops embody the whole is greater than the sum of the parts philosophy and through his nurturing guidance you quickly find yourself capable of more than you ever thought possible. I’m now on my third official session in his program and I’m clearly a better musician and a better performer - my original goals. The real gift though is that I can’t help but feel like I’m a better person for the experience - more in touch with my music and my life, more aware of the vibrant community around me, and more connected to the magic of a shared creative pursuit.
— John Merkl
I had never played in a band before I met Michael. I’d always dreamed of doing so, but didn’t know how to make it happen. With Michael’s support, teaching, and encouragement—along with the skills I’ve learned in the band workshops—my dream of playing in a band has become a reality. Two of the workshop bands I’ve been in have gone on to play gigs around the Bay Area. Michael has brought music and performance into my life in a way I never thought possible, and has welcomed me into a musical community that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
— Mark Fox