The Crossroads Contract

Terms and Conditions (Please read carefully)

THIS CONTRACT constitutes the formal agreement between the signing party and Crossroads whereby Crossroads agrees to provide instruction to you for the duration of this workshop, as you agree to provide your participation as a musician for the purposes of all as hereinafter set forth.

THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSES that in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement, the parties hereby agree as follows:
Terms and Conditions:

1.  Most Important
a) Have Fun. Lots of fun.
b) Play it like you mean it.

2. Duration/Concert  The workshop is a 9 week course (8 classes 1 performance/concert)  Concert Date and Location TBA, we will offer multiple concert dates for spring, fall and winter workshops--if for some reason none of the dates we offer work for your band - we can not guarantee additional concert dates.

3. Fees and Deposit. Payment is required immediately upon confirmation of your class along with this contract, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon with Michael LaMacchia.

Please Mail Check (payable to: Michael LaMacchia--Not Crossroads) to:

Michael LaMacchia
P.O. Box 2344 Mill Valley, CA. 94942

5. Cancellation. Classes are non refundable.  Any refunds are done at Michael LaMacchia’s discretion.  Full refunds will be given, including deposits if for any reason the classes are unable to start.

6. Participation. As a participant in the workshop you agree to participate during the term of this Contract including all extensions and/or renewals hereof. This statement includes practicing and preparing course material outside of the workshop and insuring your equipment is in good working condition. Unless arrangements have been made previously.

a) All students are responsible for providing their own instruments, chords, tuners and music stands.
The workshop will provide P.A., mic stands, microphones, and other equipment as necessary to facilitate the class.

7. Insurance. Students may choose to carry insurance for their own equipment and persons if desired.  Crossroads Workshop is not liable for anything occurring during the course.

8. Behavior. The purpose of the Crossroads Workshop is to provide a collaborative, educational, and fun environment for musicians to play with each other in a group setting. Due to the varying levels of proficiency, musical knowledge and background amongst the students, it is expected that each participant retain a positive and respectful attitude toward fellow classmates, teachers, and in respect to the music being played. This includes, language, instrument volume etc. and personal conduct during class time.
9. General. This Agreement will be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of the State of California. This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties