Crossroads is so blessed and proud to announce that we have added another top level pro vocalist coach to our staff:  Moorea Dickason Vocalist and Vocal Coach. 

"About 5 years ago I was lucky enough to have met Moorea and produced a show for Moorea and her Band Moetar.  Speechless after the show - I was completely blown away by her ability technique and range as a singer.  That night she sang some of the most complex rhythmic and advanced harmonic music I’d ever heard a singer perform.  Well flash forward 5 years and I have pretty much heard her in every type of band setting making the simplest to the most complex all seem effortless and fun."  Michael LaMacchia

Moorea Dickason is a live & studio singer, recording engineer, producer, private vocal coach, vocal ensemble director, general creativity enthusiast, and a vocal instructor at Crossroads. 

She is the Associate Director of the Women’s A Cappella Association (WACA), working towards women’s equality in the music industry and especially in vocal music, and through WACA co-produces the SheSings Vocal Festival annually in Berkeley, CA. 

Moorea graduated from Phil Mattson’s School for Music Vocations where she majored in Jazz Voice and Piano. Her studio career was born shortly after when she was hired to sing 40+ songs for the video games Guitar Hero, Garage Band and Karaoke Revolution.  This led to more voice over and session singing work for other studios, companies and other songwriters around The Bay Area. 

MoeTar - "Butchers Of Baghdad”       Barracuda:  High Time:   Manic Depression:

She has a music video series online with her bass playing composer husband, Tarik Ragab at where she and he rotate creating & producing a new music video every 2 weeks.  Moorea is also the lead singer and co-founder of the original art-rock band, MoeTar

As a vocal coach and instructor she focuses on providing a balance of vocal technique and emotional musical connection, and works to support students through their own musical journeys. 

  • Learn about harmony and basic music theory for singers to become a more empowered musician
  • Receive personalized instruction, feedback and support from Moorea
  • Sing in harmony with other singers 
  • Learn easy techniques for memorizing lyrics 
  • Practice vocal improvising with other singers
  • Learn proper microphone technique 
  • Develop healthy vocal technique 
  • All of the above happens in a supportive, creative, judgment-free and FUN space with teachers who care about each student. Join us!!! 

High Time:   Manic Depression:   Girl On Fire:    Empathy (original):   The Times They Are-A Changin':   Saturn:  Barracuda:

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