Michael LaMacchia
Guitarist / Composer / Producer /Instructor
Michael LaMacchia was born in Kenosha Wisconsin, than moved to San Francisco at 18 and began his musical career. He has explored styles including, brazilian, jazz, african, latin, classical and pop. He has a special way of bridging these worlds musically togeather, creating a special sound that is personal and passionate. A gifted guitarist and a prolific composer there is always a buzz in his music, a feeling of freshness and passion.He has played with many of the Bay Area's/Worlds finest musicians, Bob Weir, Alan Hall, Scott Amendola, Paul Van Wagenigen, Jim Ogios (Cheryl Crow, Counting Crows), Deszon Claiborne, Lex Reazon (Vinyl), Todd Sickafoose, Derek Jones, Dan Fieszli, Sam Bevan, DannZinn, Matt Renzi, Jon Arkin, Mark Bernfield, Matt Huelitt, Andy Stohler (Tracey Chapman), Kim Nalley (Pearls), Sandy Griffith, Edo Castro, Andy Dillard, AureaFernandez.Michael has also appeared at many of the Top Festivals and Clubs, Yoshi's, Kimball's, Kumbya, Great Americian Music Hall, The Sweetwater, Concord Jazz Festival, North Beach Jazz Fesitival, San Jose Jazz Festival, just to name a few. Michael is also known for his beautiful poetry, song writing, studio & producer work & Music Development Program (Crossroads).  http://www.michaellamacchia.com