Andy Dudnick teaches jazz classes for Crossroads. Andy lives in Corte Madera, Marin County, and has been associated with Crossroads since its inception first as a class participant, then as a class host, and currently as a member of the Crossroads faculty. Andy is a saxophone, flute, keyboard and bass player who loves jazz and classic rock and has a passion for teaching. Andy performs regularly around the Bay Area with various jazz, rock and world beat music groups. Andy also offers private one-on-one lessons to adults in his home in Corte Madera for sax, keys, bass and vocals. The Crossroads jazz classes, like other Crossroads band classes, include a recital at the end, but the emphasis of the jazz classes is on learning about (and incorporating into your playing) the various elements of performing jazz – including memorizing heads, understanding standard jazz tune forms and structures, chord and scale theory, composition, musical communication with band members, preparing and using spontaneous arrangements, and so on. The focus is thus less on rehearsing/jamming a given list of five or six tunes in order to prepare for a recital, and more on working on and learning about how to perform jazz so that it is exciting, interesting and fun both to play and to hear.