The Crossroads Band Workshop is a 9-week journey and wonderful opportunity for new and experienced musicians looking for a fun, supportive environment in which to explore music in a band setting. The band is guided through 6-8 songs of their own selection with the help of great professional musicians/teachers. The workshops will come to a close with a performance at such established locations as The Sweetwater in Mill Valley and other great local clubs.

 Crossroads offers both Basic and Pro level specialized band workshops, In styles such as rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, country, and original music.  

Combining a set of songs picked by the group (6-8 songs), using individual and group exercises and constructive feedback, this course will provide a nurturing chance to learn all about playing and performing in a group setting.  Class size is 4-6 musicians.  Classes meet one time a week for One Hour and 40 min class per week.  Locations - Mill Valley / San Rafael / Sonoma.

The mission of the Crossroads Band Workshop is to provide a positive environment for musicians of all levels and instruments to play and perform with a group. Musicians will have the opportunity to gain confidence with their instrument, themselves and their overall musicianship.

Band Workshop Crossroads concert schedule

3-7 mon vocal showcase with pro trio  5:15-10:30pm   Sweetwater Mill Valley

Crossroads Bandworkshops, Marin County California

3-9  wed  5 band shows 6-11pm        Sweetwater Mill Valley 

3-14  mon 6 band shows 5:20-11pm     Sweetwater Mill Valley

3-23  wed 6 band shows 5:00-11pm    Sweetwater Mill Valley

3-26 Sat   11-3pm      Sweetwater Mill Valley 

For Nov. 2015

11/9 Monday, Sweetwater Mill Valley 

Vocal Performance Workshop Concert   5:45-10:30 Free

11/10 Tuesday, 5 Bands, Sweetwater Mill Valley   6:30-11pm Free

11/13 Friday, 4 Bands, The Seahorse Sausalito   6:00- 11pm Free

11/17 Tuesday, 5 Bands, Sweetwater Mill Valley   5:30-11pm Free

11/20 Friday, 4 Bands, The Seahorse Sausalito   6:00-11pm Free

11/22 Tuesday, 4 Bands, Sweetwater Mill Valley   12-4 pm Free